Monday, March 6, 2017

What Are the Democrats Hiding?

To save time, I won't go on linking the several hundred links to articles discussing the wiretap claims, and the counterclaims by the Obama/Democrat faction.

Sidenote: Should we start calling them the Deathocrats, a la Loretta Lynch's video? Or their myriad laws in Blue cities that protect criminals yet harm citizens? You decide!

While the Democrats (er, Deathocrats) have been nakedly asserting that they crave nothing more than power (the Labor Party, or Neo-Communists, if you will, in the UK have said this blatantly as well), the process would have been a bit slower - grassroots, NGOs, community organizing, platforming, and political electioneering, all that stuff - in a buildup to 2018.

But here, there seems to be outright panic on their parts. It's been about six weeks since the inauguration and we have Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch basically calling for a coup d'etat, riots, severe action by protestors, etc., etc.

Now even Comey, Deathocrat Operative that he is, is trying to reject appeals for investigation.

What's going on here?

The spying claims are clear - obviously they were wiretapping Trump and his campaign, and likely were doing so illegally. They merely found a judge to rubberstamp a vague order.

Okay - that's done. Even Obama, the Dems, and the deep state admit that they were. Except now, of course, that it seems likely they're going to be under investigation.

And normally, there would have been constant pressure, as we saw with the Bush years, but it was tempered. Or think of the Clinton years, when they just maintained pressure against a Republican congress.

So the rapid movements to impeach - and everything Trump does they call for impeachment, and the constant harrying of his appointees means fear.

From day one, the establishment has feared Trump and the rise of the, well, majority of the population. This is evident in the EU as well, with the importation of the third world armies. Different post, however.

Cernovich has pointed out that Trump's tax agendas will hit them hardest - auditing the Federal Reserve, auditing all the tax haven "non-profits" out there, and reorganizing the tax code.

Sure - criminal investigations are pretty severe.

But why the rapidity?

Trump is a strategist at his core - his tactics may seem bellicose and severe and obtuse at times...

...But like an excellent strategist, when on the attack, one demonstrates loudly in one area to distract from another. So he's doing something behind the scenes - probably with loyalists in the Deep State and Sessions at the DOJ - that we're not aware of just yet.

The Left is terrified of its power base slipping, and rapidly. They were banking on a Hillary win for the kill shot - it was their moment of victory, taken from them by the people. And the Left's apparatus, while looking powerful, has always been a house of cards. There position is deceptively weak - and they know it.

That's why all this is happening now - they know a drastic and devastating blow is about to be dealt them. Maybe it's in the EU with Le Pen and Wilders. Maybe it's Trump. Maybe it's ongoing investigations.

One thing we know is that the Deathocrats loathe the people, and that's why they speak in shallow blurbs like "Turmp wants to tkae aaway yur rights" and so on. But they are also shallow, meaningless people. They think that the constant direct attacks will work all the time.

However, what they haven't reckoned with  - what about all those people left behind their lines?

TL;DR - Something is going on behind the scenes we're not seeing, and the Democrats/Left establishment are terrified.

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