Friday, March 3, 2017

The Attack Strategy of the Left, II: Total War and Deep Operation

We are familiar with terms like total war, blitzkrieg, and Deep Operations. The latter is the most important for the Left.

Again, I utilize a lot of martial terms and strategic analyses from the history of warfare because the Left is at war. Something we always have to remind ourselves. Libertarians (as in Reason Foundation, etc.) tend to fail in this regard as they think they’re in a debate about policy and economics.

The Left crushes them because, well, Panzer tanks will crush any nerd holding a toy as a form of resistance. Dialectically, the Libertarians are often correct, but typically bring a hat to tank battle. Not going to win.

So, the most useful things to look at are the concepts of total war and how Deep Operation are utilized by the Left to gain their advances.

Total war is not a new concept at all. Americans (as I am one) like to pretend it was invented in the American Civil War, but it has existed in many forms throughout history. The Romans practiced total war as did the Greeks/Macedonians, and that largely through cultural dominance as well as ethnic reproduction - largely through the pacification of populations, removal of adult men, and establishment of colonies.

The Napoleonic Wars were examples of total war, exemplified in the Invasion of Russia in 1812.

The Islamic Conquests of the 7th to 9th centuries as well as the Ottoman Invasions from 1453 to the late 1600s also show total war.

Sun-Tzu discussed total war. As did Clausewitz. Napoleon often spoke of the "moral" of war, it being worth 3 to 1 in terms of importance versus armament.

So, not a new concept. However, the US Civil War and the World Wars did bring modern industrial economies to bear on the old concepts of citizenship and nationalism. So that was kind of new – the scale of it.

But the Left goes into a melding of the Gramscian takeover of “cultural hegemony” along with the Marxian takeover of means of production. Add into this the idea of colonization, both literally and figuratively, then you have the strategic realms of the Left.

Deep Operation is the martial example of this. Broken down, it consists of constant attack on multiple fronts in order to pin down the opposing forces. From there, it combines two tacks – the real strategic objective may be spelled out, but that does not exclude the opportunity to exploit breaks in the opponent’s front lines.

The broad front offensive can then, much like blitzkrieg, attack based on the opening. From there, reserves pour in to occupy other forces while pushing on beyond just the tactical (armed forces) objective, beyond mere supply or communication depots, but to sources beyond that so that the depots above are rendered moot. Pincers, surrounding, elimination of pockets and so on follow.

The important part to remember is that the attack never ends and the “objective” as a physical thing, much like blitzkrieg, is to destroy the opposing forces. Seizing of properties, supplies, depots, cities and so on, are definitely helpful tactically and strategically, but the real goal is the destruction of the enemy.

Operation Bagration - Soviet Offensive showing the effectiveness of Deep Operation.

This is the Left’s general attack strategy. That’s why their arguments and stances are generally inconsistent if not outright hypocritical. In the span of ten years, the Left will go from being against globalization to being all-in for it. Perhaps they were all along, but the sentiment doesn’t matter – only the goals, which are destruction and acquisition of power.

In a war setting, for example, opposing armies will not make an issue over which side is using barb wire or dirt or rations. They both do. This is how the Left sees it, even if instinctually. It’s all ammunition and armament.

Something the debaters forget is that the debate doesn’t matter. The Alt-Right, paleocons, real libertarians, et al., will always wipe the floor with the Left. If it were purely dialectical debate, the whole thing would have died in the 1880s with Marx.

Yet the lust for power doesn’t die with a single perpetrator.

In sum, the Left is fighting a total war and have transposed Deep Operations onto cultural institutions.

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