Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Attack Strategy of the Left I

This is discussed often by anti-Leftists – the strategies and tactics of the Left and why the West has generally faltered in its wake. Some if it is based on the anti-Left’s mostly defensive stance, when recognition of the truth actually manifests. That truth is that the Left is at war with all institutions of the West and liberalism in general wherever it is found in the world.

Dennis Prager, paraphrasing Charles Krauthammer, said it well: “We think they’re wrong; they think we’re evil.”

That’s true only for true believers, who are in truth only foot soldiers and stick to the tactical realm.

The overseers of the factions don’t think in terms of “good and evil,” being relativists and sophists at heart. Their core philosophy is the acquisition of power. And yes, even Karl Marx was interested solely in power, it’s just that socialism/communism was the avenue for the intellectuals to become the new kings.

We’re their enemy simply because we oppose their path to power. Sauron wouldn’t have viewed himself as evil – just pursuing who he perceived as the rightful ruler of Earth (Arda, I know, I know).

So what is the strategy of the Left?

It’s a melding of several different approaches, perfected over time. TheDistributist discusses this in a pessimistic video essay, “The Antifragility of the Left.”

This was developed not solely through Gramsci and the entryism. Entryism existed before that – Marx, Engels, the Bolsheviks all practiced this to certain degrees. But they still relied on outright revolution and armed conflict, overall, to achieve their goals.

With the failure of communism to destroy the native cultures. Russians remained Russian, for example, despite all the efforts to make the New Soviet Man. Socialism can only succeed with the destruction of the native culture. Marx, et al., kind of hit on this with the Internationals, if not fully articulated until the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism.

It’s well documented already through Williams S. Lind and even through Andrew Breitbart, but Cultural Marxism as a cudgel and hammer to destroy the fundamental philosophies of the West, and that recognition is important. But I have yet to find someone to actually come out and say outright what the strategy comprises.

Attack, attack, attack.

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