Thursday, March 2, 2017

SJW Cheats, Blames Racism When Caught

Saw this one on Yahoo. SJWs always lie, will cheat, and so on. Nothing surprising there.But this little asshole is blaming racism on the fact that she got caught."Professor Leaves Racist Note on Student's Paper"

Cataloging evidence # 18,982,991 that these little scumbags will do anything to win.

As an ex-professor (like my name indicates), the instructor basically said "quote your sources."
The SJW, being an incompetent, cheating liar doubles down (Rule #2) and says "getting caught cheating is racist."

Sure it is honey. And getting caught stealing or peeing on the floor at your work place is also racist.
Remember that these little shits, according to the Black Lives Matter Manifesto, want to commit capital crimes and civil offences and not face criminal charges. They want nothing more than power and a weak slave class they can visit their idiotic wrath upon.

D&D Alignment Score for Tiffany Martinez: Low IQ Chaotic Evil.

Karmic Payback: The Clap and rotten milk in her conditioner. Petty and stupid, just like her.

Prediction: The University will side with the student, won't fire the prof (reprimand). Can't lose those sweet federal dollars, can they?

DISCLAIMER FOR IDJITS: Clearly opinion, but the evidence is she's a cheater, knows it, and doubled-down. She may learn to be a functional human and not cheat. Shit, even Zoe Quinn has begun to distance herself from Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency. So the Karmic Payback is slight; she's young, dumb, and full of bullshit fed to her by low-IQ Marxist teachers. I will rant more on those abuses later.

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