Friday, March 3, 2017

Oh, New York Times! You're So Silly!

This opinion article says all we really need to know, yet again, about the New York Times.

"Jeff Sessions Needs to Go."

So, Richard Painter - why no mention of Eric Holder being in contempt of court regarding Fast and Furious - you know, where actual people were killed?

Or Holder's persistent lawfare against companies he and the Obama Administration didn't like? Or just sued for money? FedEx? UPS? Lumber companies? Gibson?

Or Loretta Lynch's violation of federal law when she met with Bill Clinton?

Ohh, yeah, that's right. The New York Times is a politically aligned partisan rag, not a "newspaper." It isn't the application of the law or maintaining principles - it's who wields power.

I forget that sometimes.

Besides that, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, did not commit perjury. He was asked if he had contacted the Russians in his capacity as a campaign member, not when he was doing his actual job. Big difference.

Ah, New York Times. Who needs the strawman when we have you?

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