Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Enemy! Who, or What?

To call the vast forces arrayed against the West and Western style liberalism (classical sense) a singular “Enemy” may be a bit simple considering the number of factions. There also seems, according to mainstream sources, to be divergence of goals. Yet when you boil down all the so-called differences amongst the various factions, the end-game remains essentially the same.

The Destruction of the West, and the destruction of personal sovereignty.

So while factions such as the Feminists, the Socialists, Fat Acceptance, La Raza, BLM, Islamist Mercenaries/Jihadists, the European Union, the Democrat Uniparty in the US, the Communists, the Puritans, Churchians (thanks Vox Day!), Academics, the Bureaucracy, the environmental movements, the Globalists, and so on, et  cetera, all seem to have differing goals, they really all share the destruction of individualism, capitalism, private property, personal sovereignty.

In other words, the core values of Western civilization.

So, in shorthand, the Enemy is a descriptive term for all the above.

Through the course of this blog, I will share videos, articles, and responses to such, as well as my own analysis of current events. While there will be a bit of “response,” keep in mind that these kinds of things are part of an ongoing conversation.

And now, more importantly than ever, we need voices to enter the conversation. So here I am, doing my part to deconstruct, dissect, and discuss the rhetorical fallacies and ignoble strategies of the Enemy.

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