Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sargon of Akkad vs. Michael Moore: The Left Hasn't Changed - We've Grown

Here's the video I'm thinking of, where Sargon (rightly) demolishes Michael Moore. Rhetorically well done.

Note: I like Sargon of Akkad and think he does a lot to help demolish the SJW.


Sargon is completely correct here - Leftists do not want people to be free. They want power and control - that's it.

This goes back to Marx, whose essential argument was that the current aristocracy and bourgeoisie didn't deserve power, and that Marx and the socialist intellectuals did (True Socialists, that is). Reductive? Sure, but that was his thesis - that only the truly enlightened Socialists deserved to be the vanguard protectors of society.

It's divine right without God. It's even worse, really, as it relies on Earthly might. The argument comes down to "We have the smarts and the guns, and, well, there you go. Get back to work, peasants."

So Michael Moore and Leftists never had the welfare of the people in mind. People who sympathize with liberalism, conflated with the "Left" quite often put this label on themselves and categorize themselves on the Left. Even Gavin McInnes admits this. I admit this - I come from what I thought was the "Left" as well, so I sympathize immensely.

We can be thankful that the facade is slipping in their perceived moment of victory which coincides with their actual fear of events.

The Left will always couch their tyranny in the rhetoric of sympathy and love, which makes them pretty awful overall. SJWs always lie - and theyr'e creatures of the Left.

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