Monday, March 6, 2017

What Are the Democrats Hiding?

To save time, I won't go on linking the several hundred links to articles discussing the wiretap claims, and the counterclaims by the Obama/Democrat faction.

Sidenote: Should we start calling them the Deathocrats, a la Loretta Lynch's video? Or their myriad laws in Blue cities that protect criminals yet harm citizens? You decide!

While the Democrats (er, Deathocrats) have been nakedly asserting that they crave nothing more than power (the Labor Party, or Neo-Communists, if you will, in the UK have said this blatantly as well), the process would have been a bit slower - grassroots, NGOs, community organizing, platforming, and political electioneering, all that stuff - in a buildup to 2018.

But here, there seems to be outright panic on their parts. It's been about six weeks since the inauguration and we have Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch basically calling for a coup d'etat, riots, severe action by protestors, etc., etc.

Now even Comey, Deathocrat Operative that he is, is trying to reject appeals for investigation.

What's going on here?

The spying claims are clear - obviously they were wiretapping Trump and his campaign, and likely were doing so illegally. They merely found a judge to rubberstamp a vague order.

Okay - that's done. Even Obama, the Dems, and the deep state admit that they were. Except now, of course, that it seems likely they're going to be under investigation.

And normally, there would have been constant pressure, as we saw with the Bush years, but it was tempered. Or think of the Clinton years, when they just maintained pressure against a Republican congress.

So the rapid movements to impeach - and everything Trump does they call for impeachment, and the constant harrying of his appointees means fear.

From day one, the establishment has feared Trump and the rise of the, well, majority of the population. This is evident in the EU as well, with the importation of the third world armies. Different post, however.

Cernovich has pointed out that Trump's tax agendas will hit them hardest - auditing the Federal Reserve, auditing all the tax haven "non-profits" out there, and reorganizing the tax code.

Sure - criminal investigations are pretty severe.

But why the rapidity?

Trump is a strategist at his core - his tactics may seem bellicose and severe and obtuse at times...

...But like an excellent strategist, when on the attack, one demonstrates loudly in one area to distract from another. So he's doing something behind the scenes - probably with loyalists in the Deep State and Sessions at the DOJ - that we're not aware of just yet.

The Left is terrified of its power base slipping, and rapidly. They were banking on a Hillary win for the kill shot - it was their moment of victory, taken from them by the people. And the Left's apparatus, while looking powerful, has always been a house of cards. There position is deceptively weak - and they know it.

That's why all this is happening now - they know a drastic and devastating blow is about to be dealt them. Maybe it's in the EU with Le Pen and Wilders. Maybe it's Trump. Maybe it's ongoing investigations.

One thing we know is that the Deathocrats loathe the people, and that's why they speak in shallow blurbs like "Turmp wants to tkae aaway yur rights" and so on. But they are also shallow, meaningless people. They think that the constant direct attacks will work all the time.

However, what they haven't reckoned with  - what about all those people left behind their lines?

TL;DR - Something is going on behind the scenes we're not seeing, and the Democrats/Left establishment are terrified.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Oh, New York Times! You're So Silly!

This opinion article says all we really need to know, yet again, about the New York Times.

"Jeff Sessions Needs to Go."

So, Richard Painter - why no mention of Eric Holder being in contempt of court regarding Fast and Furious - you know, where actual people were killed?

Or Holder's persistent lawfare against companies he and the Obama Administration didn't like? Or just sued for money? FedEx? UPS? Lumber companies? Gibson?

Or Loretta Lynch's violation of federal law when she met with Bill Clinton?

Ohh, yeah, that's right. The New York Times is a politically aligned partisan rag, not a "newspaper." It isn't the application of the law or maintaining principles - it's who wields power.

I forget that sometimes.

Besides that, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, did not commit perjury. He was asked if he had contacted the Russians in his capacity as a campaign member, not when he was doing his actual job. Big difference.

Ah, New York Times. Who needs the strawman when we have you?

The Attack Strategy of the Left, II: Total War and Deep Operation

We are familiar with terms like total war, blitzkrieg, and Deep Operations. The latter is the most important for the Left.

Again, I utilize a lot of martial terms and strategic analyses from the history of warfare because the Left is at war. Something we always have to remind ourselves. Libertarians (as in Reason Foundation, etc.) tend to fail in this regard as they think they’re in a debate about policy and economics.

The Left crushes them because, well, Panzer tanks will crush any nerd holding a toy as a form of resistance. Dialectically, the Libertarians are often correct, but typically bring a hat to tank battle. Not going to win.

So, the most useful things to look at are the concepts of total war and how Deep Operation are utilized by the Left to gain their advances.

Total war is not a new concept at all. Americans (as I am one) like to pretend it was invented in the American Civil War, but it has existed in many forms throughout history. The Romans practiced total war as did the Greeks/Macedonians, and that largely through cultural dominance as well as ethnic reproduction - largely through the pacification of populations, removal of adult men, and establishment of colonies.

The Napoleonic Wars were examples of total war, exemplified in the Invasion of Russia in 1812.

The Islamic Conquests of the 7th to 9th centuries as well as the Ottoman Invasions from 1453 to the late 1600s also show total war.

Sun-Tzu discussed total war. As did Clausewitz. Napoleon often spoke of the "moral" of war, it being worth 3 to 1 in terms of importance versus armament.

So, not a new concept. However, the US Civil War and the World Wars did bring modern industrial economies to bear on the old concepts of citizenship and nationalism. So that was kind of new – the scale of it.

But the Left goes into a melding of the Gramscian takeover of “cultural hegemony” along with the Marxian takeover of means of production. Add into this the idea of colonization, both literally and figuratively, then you have the strategic realms of the Left.

Deep Operation is the martial example of this. Broken down, it consists of constant attack on multiple fronts in order to pin down the opposing forces. From there, it combines two tacks – the real strategic objective may be spelled out, but that does not exclude the opportunity to exploit breaks in the opponent’s front lines.

The broad front offensive can then, much like blitzkrieg, attack based on the opening. From there, reserves pour in to occupy other forces while pushing on beyond just the tactical (armed forces) objective, beyond mere supply or communication depots, but to sources beyond that so that the depots above are rendered moot. Pincers, surrounding, elimination of pockets and so on follow.

The important part to remember is that the attack never ends and the “objective” as a physical thing, much like blitzkrieg, is to destroy the opposing forces. Seizing of properties, supplies, depots, cities and so on, are definitely helpful tactically and strategically, but the real goal is the destruction of the enemy.

Operation Bagration - Soviet Offensive showing the effectiveness of Deep Operation.

This is the Left’s general attack strategy. That’s why their arguments and stances are generally inconsistent if not outright hypocritical. In the span of ten years, the Left will go from being against globalization to being all-in for it. Perhaps they were all along, but the sentiment doesn’t matter – only the goals, which are destruction and acquisition of power.

In a war setting, for example, opposing armies will not make an issue over which side is using barb wire or dirt or rations. They both do. This is how the Left sees it, even if instinctually. It’s all ammunition and armament.

Something the debaters forget is that the debate doesn’t matter. The Alt-Right, paleocons, real libertarians, et al., will always wipe the floor with the Left. If it were purely dialectical debate, the whole thing would have died in the 1880s with Marx.

Yet the lust for power doesn’t die with a single perpetrator.

In sum, the Left is fighting a total war and have transposed Deep Operations onto cultural institutions.

Check out these entries on Deep Operations on Infogalactic for more information:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Attack Strategy of the Left I

This is discussed often by anti-Leftists – the strategies and tactics of the Left and why the West has generally faltered in its wake. Some if it is based on the anti-Left’s mostly defensive stance, when recognition of the truth actually manifests. That truth is that the Left is at war with all institutions of the West and liberalism in general wherever it is found in the world.

Dennis Prager, paraphrasing Charles Krauthammer, said it well: “We think they’re wrong; they think we’re evil.”

That’s true only for true believers, who are in truth only foot soldiers and stick to the tactical realm.

The overseers of the factions don’t think in terms of “good and evil,” being relativists and sophists at heart. Their core philosophy is the acquisition of power. And yes, even Karl Marx was interested solely in power, it’s just that socialism/communism was the avenue for the intellectuals to become the new kings.

We’re their enemy simply because we oppose their path to power. Sauron wouldn’t have viewed himself as evil – just pursuing who he perceived as the rightful ruler of Earth (Arda, I know, I know).

So what is the strategy of the Left?

It’s a melding of several different approaches, perfected over time. TheDistributist discusses this in a pessimistic video essay, “The Antifragility of the Left.”

This was developed not solely through Gramsci and the entryism. Entryism existed before that – Marx, Engels, the Bolsheviks all practiced this to certain degrees. But they still relied on outright revolution and armed conflict, overall, to achieve their goals.

With the failure of communism to destroy the native cultures. Russians remained Russian, for example, despite all the efforts to make the New Soviet Man. Socialism can only succeed with the destruction of the native culture. Marx, et al., kind of hit on this with the Internationals, if not fully articulated until the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism.

It’s well documented already through Williams S. Lind and even through Andrew Breitbart, but Cultural Marxism as a cudgel and hammer to destroy the fundamental philosophies of the West, and that recognition is important. But I have yet to find someone to actually come out and say outright what the strategy comprises.

Attack, attack, attack.

SJW Cheats, Blames Racism When Caught

Saw this one on Yahoo. SJWs always lie, will cheat, and so on. Nothing surprising there.But this little asshole is blaming racism on the fact that she got caught."Professor Leaves Racist Note on Student's Paper"

Cataloging evidence # 18,982,991 that these little scumbags will do anything to win.

As an ex-professor (like my name indicates), the instructor basically said "quote your sources."
The SJW, being an incompetent, cheating liar doubles down (Rule #2) and says "getting caught cheating is racist."

Sure it is honey. And getting caught stealing or peeing on the floor at your work place is also racist.
Remember that these little shits, according to the Black Lives Matter Manifesto, want to commit capital crimes and civil offences and not face criminal charges. They want nothing more than power and a weak slave class they can visit their idiotic wrath upon.

D&D Alignment Score for Tiffany Martinez: Low IQ Chaotic Evil.

Karmic Payback: The Clap and rotten milk in her conditioner. Petty and stupid, just like her.

Prediction: The University will side with the student, won't fire the prof (reprimand). Can't lose those sweet federal dollars, can they?

DISCLAIMER FOR IDJITS: Clearly opinion, but the evidence is she's a cheater, knows it, and doubled-down. She may learn to be a functional human and not cheat. Shit, even Zoe Quinn has begun to distance herself from Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency. So the Karmic Payback is slight; she's young, dumb, and full of bullshit fed to her by low-IQ Marxist teachers. I will rant more on those abuses later.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sargon of Akkad vs. Michael Moore: The Left Hasn't Changed - We've Grown

Here's the video I'm thinking of, where Sargon (rightly) demolishes Michael Moore. Rhetorically well done.

Note: I like Sargon of Akkad and think he does a lot to help demolish the SJW.


Sargon is completely correct here - Leftists do not want people to be free. They want power and control - that's it.

This goes back to Marx, whose essential argument was that the current aristocracy and bourgeoisie didn't deserve power, and that Marx and the socialist intellectuals did (True Socialists, that is). Reductive? Sure, but that was his thesis - that only the truly enlightened Socialists deserved to be the vanguard protectors of society.

It's divine right without God. It's even worse, really, as it relies on Earthly might. The argument comes down to "We have the smarts and the guns, and, well, there you go. Get back to work, peasants."

So Michael Moore and Leftists never had the welfare of the people in mind. People who sympathize with liberalism, conflated with the "Left" quite often put this label on themselves and categorize themselves on the Left. Even Gavin McInnes admits this. I admit this - I come from what I thought was the "Left" as well, so I sympathize immensely.

We can be thankful that the facade is slipping in their perceived moment of victory which coincides with their actual fear of events.

The Left will always couch their tyranny in the rhetoric of sympathy and love, which makes them pretty awful overall. SJWs always lie - and theyr'e creatures of the Left.

The Enemy! Who, or What?

To call the vast forces arrayed against the West and Western style liberalism (classical sense) a singular “Enemy” may be a bit simple considering the number of factions. There also seems, according to mainstream sources, to be divergence of goals. Yet when you boil down all the so-called differences amongst the various factions, the end-game remains essentially the same.

The Destruction of the West, and the destruction of personal sovereignty.

So while factions such as the Feminists, the Socialists, Fat Acceptance, La Raza, BLM, Islamist Mercenaries/Jihadists, the European Union, the Democrat Uniparty in the US, the Communists, the Puritans, Churchians (thanks Vox Day!), Academics, the Bureaucracy, the environmental movements, the Globalists, and so on, et  cetera, all seem to have differing goals, they really all share the destruction of individualism, capitalism, private property, personal sovereignty.

In other words, the core values of Western civilization.

So, in shorthand, the Enemy is a descriptive term for all the above.

Through the course of this blog, I will share videos, articles, and responses to such, as well as my own analysis of current events. While there will be a bit of “response,” keep in mind that these kinds of things are part of an ongoing conversation.

And now, more importantly than ever, we need voices to enter the conversation. So here I am, doing my part to deconstruct, dissect, and discuss the rhetorical fallacies and ignoble strategies of the Enemy.